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July 29, 2011

July 30, 2011

Oasi di Vendicari

As this date brought the 11th anniversary of Charlie’s passing, and I knew I would meet the family at the beach in the afternoon, I hit the road bright and early for one of my exploring the island rides.  I ended up driving for about 4 hours, but saw the most enchanting landscapes and places.  Just before I  started my ride, lovely Julia called to wish me a good day.  I drove down south and stopped in two places, Scicli and Sampieri.  Scicli is a quaint baroque town with the most beautiful buildings in the ornate style.  I parked my car and enjoyed a quiet morning  stroll taking in the beauty and the slow pace.  However, my heart found its niche when I arrived in Sampieri, a small town onthe coast just south of Scicli.  I drove to the western side of Sampieri where there were no facilities  on the beach.  I parked right in front of a small pier where a few fishermen’s boats were parked on the beach.  As I walked towards the pier, I saw something in the air.  I turned and saw a young boy, all alone, flying his kite.  There were no people around as it was still very early in the morning and I just sat on the pier taking this peaceful world in!!!!  The soft breeze and the sound of silence made me realize I could have sat there forever!!!!  The battery in my camera was dead, so I just took pictures in my mind………….


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