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SOLECALDO Turismo Rurale

August 13, 2011

Solecaldo means hot sun and it is the name of the B & B where I stayedthis week with Fran and her family.  The drive  up to this farm perched on the top of a hill is spectacular.  The winding road climbs, sorrounded by several other high hills each separated by deep canyons, and in the backdrop one can see the bright blue sea.  Everything about this location is  warm, the hospitality, the colors of the decorations, which display an array of bright yellows, orange, fuchsia and green.

Sara, Luigi and Toto’ manage the property and their personalities have made this place what it is.  Pure magic!  This is one of those instances in which pitures cannot do justice to the real thing, but one can only try.

Francesco Marcorin was one of the guests staying at the B&B  farmhouse and the picture I am posting on this blog was taken by him.  The picture with the two umbrellas, orange and yellow , shows one of the canvasses painted by Toto’.  Throughout the property there were paintings by Toto’; the furniture had been painted  by all three of them, and as were leaving we saw the needlework created by Sara and her friend which she had just inlaid into the frame of what would become the mirror of  the orange room.  Solecaldo is their name and the sun heating this farmhouse is only a fraction of the warmth which comes from the hospitality of its hosts!

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