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Milo by Night

August 31, 2011

In preparation for the Motoraduno d’Epoca, Motorcycle rally of antique motorcycles to be held over the weekend, I visited the town of Milo the night before the rally.  My guide was a friend’s son, Stefano, who together with my nephews escorted me through the town of Milo.  He led me to the local police chief, Commander Patane’, who kindly explained the events to follow in the days to come.

This quaint town perched up on Mount Etna, at approximately 750 meters, is part of the Parco dell’Etna, a regional park established in 1981 to protect the natural habitat.  Milo is famous for its wine festival and tastings being held during the two weeks at end of August and beginning of September.  In the next few weeks I will attend one of the wine tasting events.

Walking through this town at night one can enjoy the beautiful balconies lit and decorated with an array of window boxes as this town takes pride in the decorations of its buildings. As Stefano explained, the town’s mayor leads a contest to recognize the most beautiful flowers ornating the balconies.

The town was alive with people walking, talking and enjoying the cool summer breeze and the soccer field was lit up for a friendly evening match.

  1. Oh but to have a little shop like the one in the picture! How divine that would be.


    • It was like a little jewel sparkling in the night lights! I plan to return there on Sept. 9th for a wine tasting event!


  2. Enjoy! Please write of the wines of your area.


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