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Arancino (Giant) Earns the Guiness World Record

September 28, 2011

WOW!!! This past weekend this arancino (rice ball) made in Piedimonte Etneo by two  Linguaglossa chefs was awarded the Guiness World Record for its size.  It is displayed in its giant size weighing in at 20 kilos and 205 grams and next to it, on the left hand corner, is the size of a regular arancino.  Arancino is a traditional Sicilian food . 

I dedicate this entry to all  my friends who over the years have enjoyed making and eating arancini at my home in Virginia.  Below is a picture of the giant arancino with one of the chefs who created it.


From → Food in Sicily

  1. Julia permalink

    I want that!


  2. Mary Jane Drake permalink

    Did it taste as good as yours, though??


    • MJ,

      You are too kind! We’ll have to make some Arancini when I come back to Burke!


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