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High School Friends and Grape Harvest

October 10, 2011

Franca is a good high school friend and on Sunday I joined her,  family and friends to harvest grapes on her property in Sant’Alfio, on Mt. Etna.  It was a windy cold day, the first this season, but we had a fabulous time.  The grape harvest was later than the previous ones I had attended as the vinyard is at a much higher altitude.  The backdrop to the property was a snow covered Etna, the first snow this Fall.

After picking the grapes, the grapes were squeezed as in the picture below and then divided for two purposes.  One batch would be boiled and made into Vino Cotto, or cooked wine.  The other batch would start fermentation to make wine.

This is truly homemade grape harvest and wine making!

  1. Rosanna…how fascinating How long before your friends can drink their wine? I love the process for making Olive Oil. I imagine myself right next to you when I read your entries:)


    • Pam,

      We drank the wine from the previous year and I believe they will drink this year’s wine in a couple of months. The Olive Oil making was an event I had always wanted to experience. I am enjoying the olive oil tremendously. Too bad I cannot take some back to the USA.


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