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PANAREA One of the Aeolian Islands off the Coast of Sicily

June 29, 2012


During the Salina Slow Food weekend, the group took a short trip to visit the island of Panarea.  With its white buildings and plush mediterranean vegetation this island is truly another land of beauty.  The following pictures are just some spots in Panarea.

Arriving on the island

A cove in Panarea

A beautiful caper flower


A corner view

Walking along the streets of Panarea

A view of the island of Stromboli, an active volcano

Stromboli starts puffing

  1. Glad you loved it!


  2. Pamela De Leon permalink

    Rosanna…just pure heaven here in these pictures! the cove, the corner view, and the volcano shot…how beautiful. What do people do on the island? Is it mainly a tourist spot?


    • Panarea is indeed a tourist spot, but its production of Malvasia wine and capers gives work to the locals.


  3. maria plumari permalink



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