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Filippo – Paterno’ – Sicily

September 17, 2012


Filippo left Sicily to seek work in the north at a young age, and after several years away, he decided to return to work on the land his father had owned.  He now grows oranges on a land close to the town of Paterno’, Sicily.  In talking with him, one can sense that this is a man who after many trials and tribulations has found his place.  He loves what he does.  He expressed the importance in his trade of having a network with other farmers and supporting one another in many ways, and that is exactly what he has done since joining Siquillyah.  Siquillyah offers a chance to collaborate, a network between farmers who are there to support one another in a variety of ways.  He practices organic farming but stated that the certification process is too expensive, so he hasn’t acquired it. However, his customers can visit his farm at any time and see first-hand his practice and what he does on his land.  He doesn’t use any products that have been treated in any way and even removing grass from the land is done naturally.  There is  respect for each plant, which is different and has its own characteristics. 

To Filippo, dealing directly with the customers is what allows a group of farmers who love their work to continue doing it.  In following this system, there is more work to do, as besides farming one must also work at the distribution process and relationship with the customers.  However, if there are any glitches with the product, it is thanks to this way that the producer can intervene directly.

Last but not least, Filippo enjoys what he does and he made it clear that his business is going well.  He doesn’t feel the crisis due to the fact he can collaborate with other farmers and that they can support one another.  As he talked about the value of being selective in the food one chooses to eat, his final comment was to stress the need for any given person to be aware of the quality and origin of the food they choose to buy and consume.


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