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Atelier Sul Mare – Inside a Work of Art

September 20, 2012

A  tiny fishing town on the northern coast of Sicily!  The gentle sound of the waves reaching the large pebbles adorning the coast.  Hills in the backdrop and just a sense of absolute beauty.  This is what one finds in Castel di Tusa.  This quaint town lies on the Tyrrenean Coast one third of the way from the eastern tip to the western one. Over twenty years ago, a Sicilian artist, Antonio Presti, decided to buy a hotel and turn its rooms, one by one, into works of art to be experienced and lived in by the guests.  The purpose of this Museum/Hotel was indeed to offer the guests a chance to experience first hand contemporary art, breath it, take it in, and live inside of it. Then, at noon, each day, the tour of the hotel/museum takes place and one can visit the rooms, each a work of art.

The concept has been working for many many years and people still stop in awe at the masterpieces found here.  Artists from all over the world have decorated the rooms following a specific theme.  Pictures cannot do justice to the feeling one has when inside this place, but I will try to show just a small part of the beauty found here.  The hotel’s name is Atelier sul Mare.  Also, there is an ongoing ceramics workshop in the basement of the hotel/museum where guests can stop and talk to the artist, Claudio, who also conducts the museum tours as he did on the day I toured the hotel/museum.

One of my favorite rooms – Lunaria – Cousntryside without Name – A blue room, inspired by a story written by V. Consolo in which the theme of the deline of power, culture and poetry are present.  The round bed represents the moon, the olive tree columns, some of which have shapes that remind one of the pages of a book, represent books. The third picture shows the light coming in through the window.

Entrance corridor to the Lunaria room

With the window closed

Above picture shows Lunaria with window slightly open

The Energy room is all in red.  When the window is closed, there are lights illunimating the room on the floor, below the furniture thus irradiating red color and energy.  When the window is open the red blends in with the peaceful colors of the sea and the natural landscape outside.

Energy Room

The Pyramid Room

The Paintings’ Room

Dreams between Signs where the writing symbols of the world are represented on the walls, ceiling and the bedspread

Earth and Fire Room Below

A burst of terracotta pieces arranged all over the room

Claudio, conducting the museum tour, sitting on the iron chair represented in a non traditonal form to communicate freedom

The Mystery of the Moon Room created by a Japanese artist is all in gold lit by a candle – it exudes peace and serenity.  Its terrace overlooks the coastline with the hillls in the backdrop.

  1. Ciao Rosanna sei molto brava!!!! Mi piacciono le tue descrizione dove sei attualmente????
    Che bei giri stai facendo 😉


    • Ciao Ludovica,

      Vedo adesso il tuo messaggio poiche’ era andato nello spam.Grazie!
      La scorsa settimana sono stata in provincia di Enna e la prossima saro’ in provincia di SR e ME.

      Un abbraccio


  2. maria plumari permalink

    Rosanna cara dove si trova questo paradiso museo è stupendo.fammi avere il numero di telefono chissa’ forse ci andro un fine settimana


    • Maria,
      Sulla costa settentrionale Sicilia fra Cefalu’ e S. Stefano di Camastra. CIAO!


  3. Julien permalink

    Ciao Rosanna, anche io ci sono stato.. solo per visitare però!
    Un saluto dalla Francia dove io e Dori ci siamo sistemati nella nostra casetta in pieno centro di Avignon. Ho cominciato a lavorare in uno studio, Dori si è iscritta ad un corso di Francese di 4 volte 3ore alla settimana. Che dire.. tutto va bene! Baci ciao! Julien


  4. Ciao Julien,

    Che bello sentirti!!! Sono molto contenta per te e Dori e vi immagino nella vostra casetta in centro Avignon. Io ad Avignon ho seguito un corso universitario molti anni fa ed e’ un posto incantevole.
    Al momento sono a casa di Mike in Lombardia dato che gli ho fatto una sorpresa per il suo sessantesimo compleanno!

    Un carissimo abbraccio a te e Dori!


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