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Renate – Case CaroCarrubo B&B Immersed in Nature

September 30, 2012

Carob tree

Driving across the Iblei Monutains, in the southern part of Sicily around Chiaramonte Gulfi, off the beaten path, and through country roads, I stopped to visit Renate at her property of four hectares.  I had met Renate at Cava d’Ispica and was looking forward to visiting her at her home in the countryside.  Truly immersed in nature, she lives and runs CaseCaroCarrubo (name derived from the carob tree adorning the entrance to the property). CaseCaroCarrubo lies in the municipality of Ragusa, close to Comiso and 30 km from the Mediterranean coast. Twenty years ago this land was one of the many which had been abandoned as the locals had emigrated to seek work elsewhere.  Renate, a German from the Black Forrest area, moved to this location -her plan was to bring it this land back to life and she has accomplished her dream. 

Over the last twenty years, 1000 trees and bushes have been planted on her property.  Furthermore, the original almond trees and olive groves have been brought back to life.  This green “oasis” lies surrounded by bare hills that reach as far as one can see. The original country cottages have been refurbished.  One is an independent guest house, composed of a single room with a loft, a bathroom and a terrace with a beautiful view. The other is Renate’s residence. Here Renate offers sustainable tourism, in the respect of nature.  She uses only renewable energy with electrical energy provided by solar panels and hot water provided by solar power.  Heating is provided by a wood stove. One can find information on the property at

  The day I visited, in September, it was almond picking time; I met a young Woofer from Brazil as she returned for lunch after picking almonds.  Renate had been busy preparing a lunch made exclusively with produce from her vegetable garden and home backed bread and cake.

Fabulous Freshly Picked Almonds

Renate’s Kitchen

Bread had just been baked

Homemade Taralli

Upon my arrival, we all sat  down for lunch and talked about the history of CaseCaroCarrubbo.  There is no doubt Renate takes great pride in the work she has carried out and still carries out; CaseCaroCarrubbo is interwoven with her personality.  We enjoyed looking at the photos which offered step by step evidence of the way the property had developed over time and I read the guest books and the many comments made by her guests.

Renate in front of her Guesthouse

Renate is also an artist.  I saw some of her paintings and a book displaying examples of her work over the years. She has adapted to circumstance and now also makes many crafts, which she also sells at the local markets. Finally, she offers courses on introduction to painting, Italian language and Sicilian cuisine at her home.     

In closing,I would like to quote Renate, “Fire, water, air and earth: these are the basic elements of life.  However, nowadays, especially in the city, it is difficult to keep in touch with these elements.  Case Caro Carrubo is full of this richness and we are more than happy to share these with all of our guests.  Above all, we like to offer these basic experiences to the children.  The space that surrounds us, without the dangers of roads and cars, is vast and invites exploration.”


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