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Swimming at the Beach in Catania in October

October 8, 2012

There are people who go swimming in Sicily year round.  Some do it even if the water is cold as a group I see at this beach close to my condo.  Yesterday was my first time swimming in October and the temperature of the air and that of the water were just right.

The following pictures show what some Catanesi were enjoying the first Sunday in October in Catania. 

  1. pamela permalink

    What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of summer! I don’t know about your other readers, but I, for one, have so enjoyed your posts on Sicily. I know that I would love to visit the many sites you have so aptly described and magically captured in your photos! Bravo, Rosanna. I truly think you have a book here in the making. “Stepping Stone to Sicily”
    See you soon in the States, my dear friend!


    • Dearest Pamela,

      Thank You!!! I am honored to hear this suggestion from YOU!

      I have thought of you this week and hope to hear the good news soon!

      See you in the States!


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