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Marinating Fresh Green Olives

December 6, 2012

Green olives are usually picked in October and the ones that turn black are simply green olives that have ripened.
One of the pleasures of spending time in Sicily has been to revisit old customs I observed as a child. One of them, was watching my grandmother crack fresh olives in October and carry out the process of marinating them. So this year, after buying my fresh olives at the local famers’ market, I asked my friend, Rosi, if she would help me with the process of marinating the olives.

The first step was to crack the green olives using a hammer.

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Then Rosi placed them in a bowl, sprinkled coarse salt over them, covered them with water and let them stand for one week. Each day, Rosi changed the water and while many add more salt, in this case, that was not done.


After one week that the olives had been soaking in water, it was time to season them. Parsley, garlic, red pepper, and olive oil were added to the olives tossing well. Then the olives were placed in a jar and by following these steps they keep well. Scrumptious and fresh!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. pamela permalink

    So nice to see you back! After looking at the pictures, I had to go and have some olives:)


  2. Ciaooo ti ricordi di me sono Ludovica, ci siamo conosciute a Montelepre.
    Alivi scacciati, ma che bontà


    • Ludovica,

      Certo che mi ricordo di te!!! Come stai? Sono rientrata a casa in Virginia e mi fermero’ qui per l’inverno. Mi mancano alivi scacciati siciliani…………….. Qui le compero ma non sono le stesse………..
      Un carissimo abbraccio a te e tuo marito e buone feste!!!!


  3. Pamela,

    Thank You. It’s good to be back!


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