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Large Sicilian Pastries and more……….

July 10, 2013

During  a recent visit to the town of Aci Sant’Antonio, on the foothills of Mt. Etna, my friends, the Patane’s introduced me to the owners of a pastry shop which is  known for the particular pastries it produces.  The owners are the Miraglia family and I spoke to the uncle who works at the counter while the nephews, the pastry chefs, were working in the back. 

Mr. Miraglia explained that in the old days pastries were in fact made in  these large dimensions as there were not many pastry shops that produced them.  It was one of the nephews who had the idea to start the business twenty eight years ago and specialize in large pastries.

I was told to return on a weekend as there would be a larger selection of pastries; however, for now I will share some photos taken of the pastries available that day.

The large cannolo is 1.2 kg (that is aprroximately 2.5 lbs) –

This one was on display in the window and the baskets in the back contain marzipan fruit


The chocolate filled croissants weigh from 1.5 – 2 kg (approximately 3-4 lbs)



Rhum Baba   My favorite!


The Miraglia family also makes the traditional Sicilian Tavola Calda in large sizes.

Cartocciate – usually stuffed with cheese, ham and tomato


Arancini – Rice balls traditionally stuffed with meat, mozzarella and tomato sauce –


  1. Oh how delicious these pastries look! I wish I had a bite…or 2 or 3! What an awesome tradition to carry on! Love you dear friend!


  2. pamela permalink

    Oh my! I think one big yummy pastry will do for me…but then again…:)


  3. Pamela,

    They are incredible!


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