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A Research Wheat Field close to Caltagirone

July 22, 2013

In June, I visited a research wheat field in the heart of Sicily, in San Pietro, close to the town of Caltagirone.  This research site is run by the Region of Sicily and Mr. Motta, who has worked at this site for many years, was an exceptional guide as he led me and a group of photographers belonging to a photography club in Caltagirone through the fields, explaining the work at hand.

  Mr. Motta explained how, over the years, the crops of wheat that have been grown here, have offered the possibility to experiment with a variety of  types of wheat, carrying out cross-fertilization in order to obtain the wheat which grows best in this environment and dry climate.

We saw several rows of wheat crops of different types, each labeled, as Mr. Motta monitors their development and saves the data.  He explained that the wheat named Simeto, created here, is the one type that has proven to perform best in the environmental conditions and climate of this specific area of the island.  It is the crop which is mostly grown here.  Furthermore, Mr.  Motta explained that this wheat, Simeto, is now exported to several countries in the Mediterranean area.

Entrance to the facility

entrance to facility

Son maneuvering combine harvester


Mr. Motta reaping a small area of wheat with sickle


Wheat field


Bufala Bianca Wheat 

bufala bianca wheat

Building on facility dating back to the Mussolini era

building on faciity dates back to Mussolini regime

Mr. Motta uncovered an old machine that dates back to the early 1900’s


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