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Bagolaro – an Agritourism on the foothills of Mt. Etna

August 6, 2013

bagolaro tree

Bagolaro Tree

Bagolaro, which is Italian for hackberry tree, is an agritourism on the foothills of Mt. Etna, at about 600 meters above sea level.  The agritourism gets its name from the Bagolaro tree which stands at its entrance.  This facility has an organic farm, a couple houses undergoing construction, and a Palmento, the traditional wine making facility made of lava rock and stone, which is under renovation with the purpose of housing a variety of events.   

I recently attended a Qigong seminar, conducted by a Chinese Master, right here at Bagolaro. The seminar took place in one of the old wine making chambers of the Palmento, the only one  which has  been renovated so far as the others are still undergoing renovation.

Palmento – DSC01811

Water runs under the pavement –


Work is still in progress in other chambers of the old Palmento


Azienda Bagolaro is run by Diego, an IT person who is overseeing the construction of this facility, his girlfriend, Cinzia, an architect, who runs the organic farm, and Alfio whose field is constrution.  Although each person running the facility has their own role, they place all their experiences together in trying to reach their goals.






During a conversation with Cinzia, she stated that Bagolaro stands as a prototype of a sustainable lifestyle to offer an alternative to city life.  Cinzia stated that this is not living in the countryside as it was interpreted in the past, but here one can leave the chaotic lifestyle of the city without giving up modern amenities.

A lovely place in nature with lots of potential! 



Old wine barrel


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