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Rooftops in Ragusa Ibla

August 28, 2013



 S. George’s Dome seen from a tiny rooftop terrace 

CH terrace 2



caelum hyblae terrace agosto 26 2013


CH from road 5 pm 8 27 2013



dusk dome and roofs




6 am 2



6 thirty am agosto 28 2013 IBLA rooftops

Up here, church bells tolling and birds chirping! 8 am church bells ringing



  1. Anya permalink

    A perfect spot to get some serious writing done! Where do I sign up?:) Lovely photos, Rosanna. As the fall approaches, what are your plans for returning to the states? pamela


    • Pamela,

      The B&B is Caelum Hyblae in Ragusa Ibla, a quaint Baroque town located in the southern part of Sicily. It is run by a lovely lady by the name of Sara.

      I will be back in the States beginning of October.



  2. Anya permalink

    It looks simply lovely! How fast this summer has gone by…it seems as if you had just left for Italy.


  3. This summer has flown by!!!


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