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Visiting Julia at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California

April 24, 2014

This  post is not on Sicily.

As I will be heading back to Sicily  in May, I have come to visit my daughter, Julia, who is currently a student at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University,  Palo Alto, California.

I have spent precious time with Julia and Chris,  met and enjoyed the company of their friends, visited San Francisco, hiked around Palo Alto, enjoyed long walks around campus and eaten some wonderful food!!!!

Driving from SF airport to Palo Alto, of course, I ran into the Google map car!!!  I had actually met my last one in Ragusa Ibla, Sicily, two years ago.



On campus, the Hoover Tower was a landmark for finding my way around.




A view from the Hoover Tower Observation Platform




Beautiful begonia garden at entrance to Palm Dr. which I walked many times








Parts of a  letter written in 1904 by a Stanford student telling about his visit to Mrs. Stanford’s home.  This letter and others can be found on display at one of the cafe’s on campus.







Julia’s residence building




My last night, Julia, Chris and I joined an Italian friend, Michele, and his lovely parents for dinner.  The Italian restaurant,Terùn, located in Palo Alto, is owned by Maico.  Maico is a true example of excellent entrepreneurship as he came to the USA only five years ago and, at that time, spoke no English at all.

The service at Terùn’s was exceptional and the food superb! Bravo Maico!!!

Coincidently, some members of the Stanford Italian Students’ Club were dining there at the same time and Michele’s mother, Nadina, and I couldn’t resist going over to their table and mingling!!!!



What a wonderful evening!!!!!!!!!!






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