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Stromboli – One of the Aeolian Islands off the Coast of Sicily

July 13, 2014

The Aeolian Islands lie off the coast of Sicily on the north-eastern side and in 2012 I wrote about my visit to one of them, the island of Salina, where I enjoyed a weekend with the Slow Food group.  For quite a long time, I had wanted to visit another one of the Aeolian Islands, the island of Stromboli and its active volcano;  finally this year, as soon as I could, I made plans to go and visit Stromboli.  As I planned the trip hurriedly, it turned out to be quite a learning experience on the choices to make on how to travel to the island. Leaving my hometown of Catania, on the eastern coast, I drove to Milazzo, on the northern coast of Sicily and took the hydrofoil to Stromboli.   As I had been so busy that I had not had time to research the hydrofoil schedules to Stromboli, I had made the assumption that there would be plenty to choose from during this high season of travel to the islands and that one should not have to worry about missing the hydrofoil.  My assumptions proved to be wrong!!!  After a little adventure in trying to park my car for the three days I would be in Stromboli, I missed the hydrofoil by one minute.  It literally pulled away from the pier as I arrived.  It was not a pleasant surprise to learn that the next hydrofoil would not leave for three and one half hours!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!  Consequently, I reminded myself I was having fun, and proceeded to wait those hours at the cafe’ close to the pier!!!!!!!!!All of this, of course, after having  driven the motorway for hours and having rushed to park my car in order to catch the hydrofoil.  As I sat down on the ferry, I was determined to not allow these little incidents to spoil my trip and enjoyed the scenery.  We stopped at each of the Aeolian islands on the way and the trip was well worth it when I saw the volcanic island appear.

Stromboli seen from the hydrofoil

arriving stromboli from sea


Once I reached the island, I realized this was as place where I would do a lot of walking and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  There are many tiny alleys leading around the island and the bright colors of the vegetation enrich the beauty of the white stucco houses and the so many beautiful terraces.


walking around stromboli


Below is my favorite house in Stromboli located in front of the sea


my favorite house in stromboli


While walking along an alley, I heard some sounds to the side and I went in that direction; after walking down a tiny alley and following the sounds,  I found the most beautiful cove.  It was there, in that cove, that I met Patrizia and Claudia who would become my travel companions for the rest of my stay.


finding a cove


Black sand beaches


black sand beach stormboli


One of the pleasures on this island are the geothermal baths!!


geothermal bath in stromboli


At sunset, hiking up to the observatory to view the volcanic eruption


hiking stromboli to observatory


After viewing the eruption from the observatory, the following evening Patrizia, Claudia and I took a boat trip to the area in which one could view the eruption from sea.


stromboli erupting


As always, pictures cannot do justice to the first hand experience.  Amazing!!!!!




  1. Renee permalink

    Beautiful, thanks Rosanna for sharing!!!


  2. Gorgeous photos Rosanna! What an amazing island!


  3. Holly,
    The island is magical. After the loss I experienced before going, I found great comfort taking in all the beauty of nature. Thinking of you and Wade.


  4. Mary permalink

    Rosanna, you are living a dream…I really enjoy reading your blog…these pictures and your adventures are amazing! love ya.

    Sent from my iPad



    • Mary,

      Thank You. I love that you are following me and that you are enjoying the posts.

      Happy Summer,



  5. Pamela permalink

    Happy summer and traveling to you, Rosanna. What an interesting place to visit!


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