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Noto Antica – The Ancient Site of Noto Destroyed by the 1693 Earthquake

September 24, 2014

The town of Noto was built after the earthquake of 1693 on a different site of the original town, Noto Antica, destroyed by the earthquake.

A visit to the Ancient Noto site reveals some ruins that date back to the Greek period as well as buildings built after the earthquake, as for instance the Eremo, Monastery, built after the earthquake and abandoned just one hundred years later.

A visit to the site would not be complete without exploring the natural surroundings, including a natural pond with a small waterfall feeding it and one hidden behind some trees  beyond it which is best left alone for its dangerous nature.

DSC03831 copy

Entrance to Noto Antica

entrance sign alveria noto antica copy

Entrance on the Mountain Side

porta della montagna di noto antica

Palazzo Reale

palazzo reale

Heroon  – Greek Burial Site

heroon per il culto degli eroiJPG

Eremo S. Maria della Provvidenza –  Monastery (built after the earthquake)

eremo s maria della provvidenza

A View from Monastery


Wild Pomegranate


Pomegranate Flower


Caroub Tree




Fig Tree


Natural Pond


Heart in Stone


Simply Magical!!!!

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