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August 31, 2015

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Sicily, driving on all kinds and conditions of roads, and there are many stories I will be telling for years to come.  One of my favorite areas to visit is the Southern tip of the Island where the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Once one turns onto the Southern coast, one of the first towns one meets is Pozzallo.  I have visited Pozzallo several times at this point, hitting it at different times of the year.

However, there is one experience that has stuck to my mind on traveling away from Pozzallo, heading west on the Southern Coast of Sicily.  As I am always looking for roads that lead me to the coastline itself, to the sea, I had an interesting encounter the first time I travelled through this area.  When one leaves the harbour of Pozzallo behind, one can take a highway which travels slightly inland thus not allowing to be right at the coast all the way, SP 64 (which changes number in increments of one digit as one travels along the coast), but with the coastline in sight on and off. I chose not to take that road when I saw a road sign indicating the next town on the Southern Coast, Marina di Modica,pointing towards the coast itself and took that road following the road sign.

Unfortunately, although the road sign indicated the town of Marina di Modica was just 4 kilometers away, the road ended after 300 yards.  I had to go back and check this area out this summer to see whether anything had changed.  That first time I had taken the road that ended after 300 yards,  when I reached the end of it, only to see the town of Marina di Modica at a distance, I found a car which had stopped at the end of this short road.  I got out of my car and spoke to its driver who also had gotten out of his car and was looking around.  He was a British traveler, who like me, had followed the road sign only to stare at the destination from afar with no actual road to connect the road he had taken to the town he was seeking!!!  This road sign indicating that Marina di Modica is four kilometers away is still there and there is still no road that takes to the destination it indicates along that path!

Leaving Pozzallo harbor behind you heading West


Driving up the hill to the road leading westward


The point where you can take a turn to SP 64 or go to the coast road following its road sign


Sign indicating the town of Marina di Modica only 4 kilometers down this direction


Road following that road sign


OOPS!! Roads ends and does not lead to that destination!!!!!


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