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Presepi Caltagirone

December 7, 2015

Caltagirone is renown for its ceramics and the many artisans that have created beautiful ceramic works of art over the centuries.  Walking through the town at any time of the year one can enjoy the display of a rich variety of ceramic pieces created in the traditional patterns and colors that distinguish which period of time the piece represents. In this blog, there are two previous posts on Caltagirone written in May 2012 and October 2911.

In December, the town puts on a show of many presepi, nativity scenes, and there are presepe itineraries to follow which lead on a walk around the town visiting the many presepi on display.  While the traditional presepe is made of terracotta, over the years, artisans have elaborated on their creativity in their choice of materials. Following are a few examples of presepi on display in Caltagirone during the month of December.


The following presepe is a miniature version of the town of Caltagirone itself.



The following presepe is made of cotton wool


Presepe made of aluminum mesh

Presepe retina metallic scouring pad

Presepe made of aluminum foil


Presepe made of packing tape


Presepe made of metallic wire


Presepe di sale – Nativity made of salt –



These are just a few examples of the MANY Presepi on display all over Caltagirone!!!!!

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