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Michele Bono – A Sicilian Visual Artist

May 4, 2016

During a stroll through the town of Sciacca, I stopped at the shop of a local artist, Michele Bono, and enjoyed a lively conversation with the artist.  Michele Bono expresses his artistic talent utilizing various arts forms, including fiberglass,  paintings and sculptures.  When I first entered his shop,  what caught my attention were some heads made of fiberglass.  Michael and I talked about these pieces and he mentioned how much he enjoyed studying and exploring pop art from the USA which also utilized fiberglass .

Fiberglass Head


When I looked at the following painting, representing a volcano, Michele told me that he was inspired by a natural event which took place off the coast of his hometown, Sciacca. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, an island appeared off the coast of Sciacca, Isola Ferdinandea, Ferdinandea Island.  A few weeks after the island appeared, the island disappeared under water.  It lies four kilometers under the water’s surface and gasses flow out of said island. It is of volcanic origin.  This underwater crater is part of a  larger crater which lies below the water along the coastline between the towns of Sciacca and Eraclea Minoa.



Piglets wallowing around in clean water



Sea has a great influence on the artist; the lamps below represent sea sponges.




Batpanz  – Terracotta policroma –

Michele explained his interpretation of the statue below made of terra-cotta .  This representation is an anti-hero.  This antihero doesn’t have lean muscles but a large abdomen. This artwork touches on a very sad topic.  So many refugees have been fleeing to Sicily over the last few years.  So many clandestine children have arrived on the shores of Sicily longing for a better life.  As Michele stated, they  come with dreams and end up in a bad situation, many times having to beg on the streets. Consequently, this  antihero has not been able to save those children!!!



This terracotta head with the prickly pear plants on top of it is a different interpretation of traditional Sicilian terracotta heads.


The following terra-cotta pieces represent two older Sicilians whose faces are a testimonial to their hard work in life!




Following is a Nativity scene.  The capes are empty because this element represents the spirituality of the scene.  Both in images and in sculptures on the topic of the Nativity, what we have always seen has been the result of what was handed down to us.  However, if one has Faith, it is beyond the images that have been handed down.  Consequently, it is the Spiritual element which we adore.  The empty capes represent the spiritual element.



Ending on a sweet note, a representation in ceramic of two typical Sicilian deserts: Cannoli and Cassata!!!



  1. Beautiful, Rosanna, and so very intriguing! Thank you for your awesome posts!


  2. Sei proprio innamorata della Sicilia!!!


  3. Mary Jarvis permalink

    Rosanna. Are you back in Sicily? This Post looked wonderful. Did you purchase any of his art works. All well here just fighting a spring cold and now Bob is sneezing! We are getting excited about Vivian getting home next Sunday. We will be at Erika’s ,while they fly to get Vivian packed up, watching Josh from 11-15 and Johnsons head in on the 16th for a short visit and then head to Ohio for a few days to visit Lydia..still recovering from Mrsa but getting better. Will be home Monday and Tuesday of next week 9 & 11..can we take you to lunch if you are in town? Love Mary

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Hello Mary!!! Thanks for your lovely comments!!! I’ll write you an email.


      • Michele Art Studio Bono permalink

        Ciao Rosanna…. ho scoperto questo tuo blog per caso… una bellissima scoperta. grazie ancora e spero di rivederti di nuovo nel mio studio. ciao ciao Michele Bono


      • Ciao Michele,
        Quando ho scritto il post su di te e le tue interpretazioni artistiche ti ho informato per via email. Pensavo tu avessi letto
        Allora il post e che ti fossi soltanto dimenticato di rispondermi. Mi fa piacere che adesso lo hai letto e gradito.
        Non sono in Sicilia al momento ma spero al mio ritorno in Sicilia di poter tornare a Sciacca.
        Cordiali saluti!


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