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Rooftops in Sicily

June 4, 2016

Whenever I travel through Sicily, I am fascinated by the architectural beauty as well as the natural one.  I enjoy climbing up to high areas and looking down.  Rooftops fascinate me. Following are some of the pictures I have taken of rooftops in Sicily, and one in Stromboli .

Rooftops and Cupola of Cathedral in Ragusa Ibla.

IBLA Rooftops TWO 6 am 8 28 2013 copy

Ragusa Ibla rooftops.

IBLA Rooftops  ONE 6 am 2 copy

Scicli as seen from above on SP 42.

SP 42 Scicli dall'alto 2

On these rooftops in Scicli, picture taken from the hill upon which Chiesa San Matteo is perched, I was fascinated by the tiled bench.

rooftop bench covered in tile copy

Rooftops in Motta S. Anastasia close to Catania

Around Catania

Caltagirone – I love this town!

Rooftops Caltagirone copy

Rooftops in Catania with Etna in the backdrop.

Rooftops  CT da Badia 1

Rooftops in Catania as seen from the terrace of the Saint Agatha Abbey. Etna in the backdrop.

Rooftops CT 2 Badia

View from the Saint Agatha Abbey.  To the left, “il grattacielo”,  “skyscraper”, in Catania.

Rooftops CT 3 Badia grattcielo

Rooftops in Linguaglossa

Roofs in Lingluaglossa Mt. Etna copy

My favorite colors are seen in this picture taken in Stromboli, off the coast of Sicily!!!!

Roftops stromboli

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