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‘U Saracenu Restaurant in Portopalo

July 13, 2016

When it comes to exceptional food, ‘U Saracenu Restaurant in Portopalo has it!!!! I was talking to some guests I met at the B&B, Christina and Claudio, when they asked me to join them for dinner at this restaurant. I had no idea what I was about to experience!  The food is exceptional and it is obvious that great pride is taken in each step of its preparation. As Claudio and Christina have been returning for years to this location from their hometown of Verona, they knew the staff.  Consequently, I had an opportunity to talk extensively to the Chefs, Angelo, Andrea and Mario and to the  delightful waitress, Luana.  As I talked to the staff, I realized how much passion and loves goes into the preparation of the food, and I must say, it truly shows!!!!

Following are photos of some of the dishes prepared by these wonderful Chefs.  Their creativity is outstanding and choose to continuously experiment and create great new dishes.


Photo below – Sign of name of restaurant – ‘U Saracenu -Next to the sign is a Nassa, one of the Sicilian baskets utilized in fishing.

1'u saracenu e nassa

Teste di Burgiu – Sicilian Ceramic Pots tied to a Sicilian Legend connected to the Saracens

2 u saracenu teste di buggio


Paintings around the restaurant by artist named Fiore

3fiore 1

Fiore painting

4fiore 2

This “antipasto” is beyond words;

from left corner, counterclockwise are eggplant parmigiana with sardines; octopus with potato sauce; beccafico=stuffed fresh anchovies; tiny arancino; polpetta made with sea bass, potatoes and mussels; caponata; roasted peppers.

5 antipasto

Closeup of parmigiana

5 1:2 sarde

Bucatini with wild fennel and anchovies – Fabulous!!! I had not ordered a first course, but Angelo made them and brought them to me.

6Bucatini sarde finocchetto selvatico

Paccheri  with dried tuna roe, pistachio, tiny shrimp, cherry tomatoes – Exceptional!!!

7u saracinu paccheri bottarga tonno pistacchio gamberetti pomodorini

Tartare with red shrimp, rose tiny shrimp, and tuna in a mango sauce –

8trtare di gamberi roso gamberetto rosa e tonno su salsa mango

Grilled tuna

9 grilled tuna

Fried mixed seafood – I ate the grilled fish, but heard the fried dish was superb!

10 u saracinu frittura mista

Gelo al limone – Lemon gelo

gelo limone u sarcinu 2

Parfait di mandorla – Almond mousse with chocolate sauce

parfait di mandorla cohn glassa di cioccolato

Top it all off with AMARA, an orange after dinner drink!

11 sagra amaro

To top off all the exceptional food, the restaurant is perched up on a hill overlooking the turquoise sea of Portopalo!!!!!!!


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