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A Summer Stroll in Pozzallo

September 1, 2016

The very first time I visited Pozzallo was in Spring; at that time, I wrote a post entitled Pozzallo – Seeking the Sea but Finding Sicilian Literature, on April 10, 2012.

Over the years, I have returned to Pozzallo several times.  I have enjoyed its many beaches  and just taking in the atmosphere of the town.  I usually stop before heading west to the towns on the Southern Coast.  While in Pozzallo, besides enjoying its golden sandy beaches, it’s just been a pleasure to just take a stroll through town.  When visiting Pozzallo on Tuesdays I’ve been able to stop at the Farmers’ Market held on that day.  For anyone interested on heading to Malta from this part of Sicily, at the Pozzallo harbor one can catch a ferry and reach Malta in ninety minutes.


Torre Cabrera originally built to protect the town from pirates stands at a strategic corner overlooking the sea




One side street leading to the sea


The public gardens




Quaint alleys




Golden sand beach close to Torre Cabrera


Peaceful beaches

Pozzallo Jul 2016 1 beach

Pozzallo Jul 2016 2 beach




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