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Sambuca di Sicilia

October 25, 2018

When traveling inland from the Southwestern Coast of Sicily, the Mediterranean Coast, up North to Palermo, the main Highway to travel is Highway 624.  This highway can be reached from several Southern towns on the Southernwestern Coast, towns as Sciacca or Porto Palo di Menfi.

When traveling on Highway 624 one can make a stop on the way, driving slightly Eastward it is a short drive to the town of Sambuca di Sicilia.  This is a pleasant drive  through the countryside and when you make this trip in the Fall, you  can enjoy the scenery of vineyards adorned by their Fall colors.

Vineyards on the way to Sambuca di Sicilia

sambuca road vineyards



Sambuca 2

Hillside views from Sambuca

Sambuca 6

Following are just a few images captured  around the city.  At the entrance of Sambuca is a statue in the shape of a harp; some say it refers to the Greek musical instrument from which the town draws its name, Sambuca di Sicilia.

Sambuca 3

Typical desert of Sambuca di Sicilia, “Minni di Virgini.”  A view of a section of this dessert.

SAmbuca 4

Whole “Minni di Virgini” – the pastries are filled with cream, chocolate chips, candied fruit and a secret ingredient that no one will share!

SAmbuca 5

There is a food festival held each year, called la Sagra di’ “Minni di Virgini”, taking its name from these pastries.  The Sagra is held on the third Sunday in May in conjunction with the celebration of the Patron of the City, Maria Santissima dell’Udienza.  The Maria Santissima dell’Udienza Church is pictured below.

Main entrance

Chiesa Maria Santissima dell'Udienza Facciata

Interior of the Church

Chiesa Maria Santissima dell'Udienza interno

Chiesa Maria Santissima dell'Udienza Sambuca

In closing, a sculpture found in Sambuca, the artwork of a Sicilian Artist from Palermo.  It is the sculpture of a snail and it stands to represent the slow lifestyle of the population in Sambuca.  The name of the sculpture is, Babbaluciaro, dialectal form of snail, a term often used to describe the people of Sambuca.


Lumaca Sambuca Square






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