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Infiorata di Noto 2019

May 31, 2019

Each year, the Baroque town of Noto, Sicily, holds the Infiorata, Floral Carpet. It is an event in which artists create colorful designs utilizing flower petals. In May 2013, I wrote about the Infiorata held that year in Noto, and at that time the theme was Japan.

This year, 2019, marked the 40th edition of the Infiorata in Noto and the theme was “Vieni ca ti cuntu”, “Storie di Siciliani in America,” “Come, Let Me Tell You..” “Stories of Sicilians living in America.”

The Infiorata is a Springtime celebration which lasts three months, with many cultural and artistic events held during April, May and June. However, the actual display of the fresh flower designs on the street named Via Nicolacci takes place the third weekend in May.

This year, I made it a priority to visit the Infiorata and walk up Via Nicolacci admiring the exquisite work of art displayed on the ground. I had met a dear acquaintance, Gigi, and learned that her son had created the sketch of the first floral picture of this year’s Infiorata, the title,” Il Sogno che Avanza… Icone a Confronto.”

Following are some of the floral pictures displayed at Infiorata 2019. There is a picture of the sign that was hanging next to the work of art, explaining the piece, as well as the floral picture itself.

The first work of floral art was entitled,

“The Dream that Advances… Icons in Comparison.”

In the piece. the Sicilian paladins and the Statue of Liberty are the icons featured to represent Sicily and the USA.

For this first picture, following is also a photo of the creator of the sketch, Flavio Russotto. Flavio’s mother, whom I know, shared this photo of her son photographed while working on his floral sketch.

In addition, following are Flavio Russotto’s own words on the topic:

The next floral picture is entitled,

“Migrations…. The Journey”

“Gaetana Midolo – A Noto Woman in New York.”

In the following floral picture the person featured is Gaetana Midolo, She was originally from the town of Noto and died in the New York fire at the Triangle Shirt Waist Company.

Joe Di Maggio – famous baseball player

Joe Di Maggio

“Lady Gaga”

Liza Minnelli- “New York New York”

“Frank Sinatra – The Voice”

Finally, a view of the entire floral display in Via Nicolacci as seen from above on the rooftop of the Chiesa di Montevergine.

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  1. Pamela De Leon permalink

    Amazing! What a skill to use the flowers in such stunning designs!


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