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Acitrezza: Local American Community Clean Up

October 1, 2011

Acitrezza, one of the local sea towns, famous for its fishing past even featured in some of the local literature, as in I Malavoglia, by Giovanni Verga, is a quaint town bustling with activity in the summer months.  Unfortunately, litter is present in the area around the pier and the fishermen’s harbour, and takes away from the naturual beauty.  On Friday, September 30th, the local newspaper had a small article informing there would be a clean up of one areas of the town,  to be carried out by some local Americans stationed in the area.  Reading the article at the time the clean up was starting, I immediately drove the five minutes to Acitrezza to join the crew and lend a hand. Pictures below, of some of the clean up crew, were taken immediately after the clean up ended.    Also, pictures of the Faraglioni, large rocks in the sea, which local mythology claims are the result of the rocks the Giant Polyphemus threw at Ulysses and his crew as they were escaping the area and the fury of the Giant.



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