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October 4, 2011

Anyone walking down the streets of Sicily will enjoy the appetizing display of a variety of cakes and pastries at the many local pastry shops.  My favorite one is located just a block from my home and whenever I feel the need to enjoy a tiny pastry, I head over there.  The name of the shop is Arte Pasticcera, The Art of Pastry.

Each day, fresh pastries are made and believe me they sell quickly, so they are always fresh.  My favorite pastry is Rhum Baba, and I always enjoy the mignon or tiny version as not to overdue it.  Below is a picture of three regularly sized Rhum Babas.

Lemon trees are everywhere in Sicily and lemons are used in a variety of desserts.  Below one can see some lemon cakes which the chef brought out as I was in the shop.  Lemon cakes here are very light;  they are made of layers of light sponge cake and a light lemon custard.  Fresh lemon zest is the final touch. Other cakes on display in the picture below have fresh tiny strawberries as the topping.  The cream on top is light whipped cream. Literally, these desserts melt in one’s mouth.  On the bottom shelves in the picture are the Torroncini, made with almonds.

Finally, below is a  picture of the Pasticcini case.  On the bottom shelf are the pastries  made each day; to the left, on the bottom shelf are the Paste di Mandorla, almond pastries, individually wrapped and that keep their freshness for a couple of days. Finally, on the top shelf are the cookies called Dessert.

At the end of my last visit, as the chef saw me from the kitchen taking the pictures above, he came out for a picture of the two of us in front of the goodies.


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