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Chocobarocco – Modica – 2011

October 31, 2011

Holly:I dedicate this entry to you!!!!

Modica, known for its breathtaking Baroque (barocco), is a beautiful  town in the southern region of Sicily.  One of the traditions of this town is the production of chocolate and each year, Modica holds a Chocolate Expo, Chocobarocco, in which chocolatiers from all over Italy bring and sell their products.   Chocobarocco 2011 was held over the last weekend in October.  Modica consists of two parts, Modica Alta (High Modica) and Modica Bassa (Low Modica).  The pictures below were taken in Modica Bassa.

 During Chocobarocco, a stroll down the main street, Corso Umberto,  offered an array of chocolates of many colors and kind, dark chocolate, cinnamon chocolate, carrub chocolate, pistacchios, and too many to mention.    There was a exhibit on the history of chocolate making in one of the buildings  and on display, in glass cases on the street, the ingredients which are used during the process. Below are pictures taken at Chocobarocco  2011 in Modica Bassa.

A stop for expresso brings a piece of Panatichia, a typical Modican dessert containing meat.

Cattedrale S. Pietro with life size statues of the Apostles.


Last but not least, the area designated to the children’s activities.


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  1. Rosanna, Your blog is really helping to motivate me to get well so I can come see you! Meanwhile, your posts and pictures are so amazing that I feel transported while I am reading them! I meant it when I said we would have rocked the Chocobarocco! Thanks so much for dedicating the post to me! Hope to see you soon! Hugs, kisses, and lots of love, Holly


  2. maria plumari permalink

    rosanna Modica mi piace è bellissima con i miei figli ci andavamo in estate a marina a farci i bagni, poi la gente è meravigliosa e la cucina è buonissima.
    le scacce le granite ed il cioccolato sono una goduria.


    • Maria,

      Anche a Modica dovremo tornarci insieme. E’ un posto dove si deve ritornare.


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