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Exploring Mt. Etna with Julien and Dori

November 2, 2011

Julien, a young architect friend and his girlfriend, Dori, an artisan who creates beautiful jewelry and more using recycled materials, were my guides on an exploration off the beaten path of Mt. Etna on Tuesday.  The purpose of the trip was to explore and visit construction sights where sustainable practices are being adopted.

Along the way, we visited some of their friends who are refurbishing an old country home and thanks to their outstanding hospitality we enjoyed a meal and hours of interesting conversation together.  Our hosts were Marco, Michelangelo and Nikolai, who had picked some wild mushrooms and shared them with us.

Grazie a voi tutti!!

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Great Food! Great Sicilian Hospitality!

An old country home on Mt. Etna

Thick lava rock wall…………………….


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One Comment
  1. Julien permalink

    Thank you for your so kind words!
    How do you do? Had you some answers..?


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