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Mt. Etna, Skiing the Northern Side, Linguaglossa

March 8, 2012

The drive from Catania on the eastern coast of Sicily to Linguaglossa, northern side of Mt. Etna, is a pleasant 45 minute drive with a view of the volcano to the left and the Ionian sea to the right.  Along the way, one can enjoy the beautiful views of the towns perched on the mountain and those lying along the coast.  At one point, the climb up the mountain takes the traveler up a pine forest, all the way to the skiing resort of Linguaglossa.  The ski resort is at approximately 1,800 meters altitude.



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  1. to ski and see the ocean…how magnificent! Aren’t you afraid of the volcano erupting!!!!?


  2. Pamela,

    The volcano has erupted on and off lately, but this has not affected the skiing area. The eruptions have taken place at an altitude of about 800 meters higher than the ski slopes.

    Sometimes, at night, one looks up and can see the fire of the eruption and it is quite a sight.

    Unfortunately, from a distance, pictures do not capture the event.


  3. All your pictures are just beautiful. I can’t wait to someday visit your island. Eruptions are great…as long as they are little burps in the volbano:)


    • Pamela,

      I agree, let’s hope the eruptions are little burps!!! However, words cannot describe the emotion one feels when one looks up at the mountain at night and suddenly sees that where usually there is a dark dark area, suddenly the volcano is erupting, the ski is on fire and the lava is spurting into the air! However, living at sea level, although close, we are still far from the site and this gives a sense of security.


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