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Driving along the Southern Coast of Sicily, the Mediterranean Coast

March 10, 2012

Early in March, driving from Catania, on the Eastern Coast of Sicily to the Southern Coast, is a pleasant drive with views of the Ionian Sea to the left and to the right a view of a plush vegetation of olive groves and orchards scattered along the hills.  On this trip, I drove to the town of Pozzallo, which lies on the southern coast. From Pozzallo, one can drive westward along the coast of the Mediterranean with its emerald green color just sparkling in the sun.

Orchards close to Cassibile, along the way, on the Eastern Coast.


Below are olive groves along the way to Rosolini, approximately 20 km before Pozzallo, which is on the coast.

This region is certainly less populated than other coastlines of the island and one can enjoy pristine beaches lying in front of large, plush fields with farms enjoying a view of the coast

Image below shows a farm in front of the coast soon after Pozzallo.

Following is the view of the beach from the farm above.

There are many towns along the way, which offer both built up communities, which come alive in the summer season, but also quaint little towns.  These little towns still portray their original beauty in the architecture of the buildings and large beaches in their natural state.

Following photos are of one quaint town along the coast, Donnalucata.

The final stop along the coast on this trip was the town of Punta Secca.  This town has become known as the residence of Commissario Montalbano .  Montalbano is a police chief and main character of the mysteries written by Italian writer, Camilleri. The mysteries have been made into a TV series, which is aired in many countries.  While visiting San Fransisco in December 2011, I met Sharon, who was familar with the mysteries and  follows the TV series right there in San Francisco, California.

Below are images of Punta Secca and the villa on the beach where Ispettore Montalbano lives and which has become famous for his standing on the balcony looking out at the beach and then running to the beach for a swim to unwind!

View of the beach from Montalbano’s villa.


Finally, Montalbano loves Arancini, traditional Sicilian stuffed rice balls, and this cafe’ has become famous for serving such Arancini.  The cafe’ displays a sign, Gli Arancini di Montalbano, Montalbano’s Arancini.

  1. As always, such beautiful pictures!


    • Thank You! Beleive me, I was in heaven just taking in the sound of silence in the remote areas. I just love this exploring!!!!!!!!!!!! It feeds the soul!


  2. Lillian permalink

    How wonderful to see you again at Longfellow! You looked so good…traveling agrees with you. I’m loving every minute of your blogs. Know that you have followers in Va…


    • Dearest Lillian,

      Thank you so much for following my blog. I am enjoying this experience so much! Having left when I was so young, now that I am back to explore the island, every experience has a value that is exponential. At the end of this week, I plan to drive up the Eastern coast and then over a stretch of the Northern coast of Sicily. I will spend one night at an agritourism. I am looking forward to that drive and will take pictures.

      Unfortunately, this Spring, the weather here is quite harsh and reminds me of the tropical areas. We are experiencing very strong winds that are truly scary. This past weekend, the winds ran at 110 km \hr and many of the greenhouses I had seen on Mar, 3rd on my drive along the Southern coast, the Mediterranean, well those greenhouse tops just flew away and there was so much damage to the fields!!!

      Give my regards to all at Longfellow!



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