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A Drive Along the Northeastern Coast of Sicily, the Tyrrhenian Sea, and a Stop at Agriturismo Santa Margherita

March 17, 2012

After the recent drive to the Southern Coast of Sicily, it was time to visit the Northern Coast, which lies adjacent to the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Driving up the Eastern Coast to the furthest point, the views offer Mount Etna to the left and the Ionian Sea to the right.  In mid March, nature is coming alive and the variety of colors of the surroundings are enchanting as one enjoys the azure sea to one side, the green hills on the other, with a view of Mt. Etna totally covered in snow.  On this particular drive, the weather was the best one could ask for and the sky was clear.  After a one hour drive from the mid section of the Eastern Coast, one arrives to the Northern Coast.  For several kilometers, before reaching the Northern Coast, one travels through tunnels, along gorges, and then suddenly there is the Tyrrhenian Sea.

At this point, at a distance, one can also see the Eolian islands, named after the Greek god of the winds.

The drive along the Northern Coast displays a different landscape as there is a mountain range to the left.  The drive on a mid March day offers views of the green hills with an abundance of patches of yellow flowers.  Here and there the road leading through the towns climbs up  the cliffs and then down the coastline offering breathtaking views.  At times, the road takes a serpentine pattern with hairpin bends that can give the driver a sense of hanging in the air.  However, the views one enjoys make the drive well worth it.  Along the road, there are many Mediterranean pine trees  and cypresses, some with their tips swaying in the gentle breeze.

The following pictures were taken along the drive.

It is always a joy to stop and watch the butterflies.

And finally some pictures of Agriturismo Santa Margherita where I spent the night.

View of the coastline upon arrival, after driving up a very steep country road.

The view from my room!

My afternoon walk on the grounds of Agriturismo Santa Margherita

Sheep on the grounds and the Nebrodi Mountain Range in the background

At dinner, my hors d’ouvres consisted of broccoletti with fresh tomatoes, spicy meatballs, fried squash, fried cheese, and caponata, which is a sweet and sour dish made with peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes and celery.  Exquisite!

  1. Lillian permalink

    What gorgeous photos…I envy you! I am so enjoying your blog.


    • Thank You, Lillian. Today’s skiing experience was beyond any expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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