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APE Aula Permanente Ecologia A Classroom in Nature

March 22, 2012

Early in February 2012, I participated in a project called APE, to build a classroom to be used for free workshops on ecology with school age children. The classroom was being built by a group of volunteers using natural materials collected from the land.  Although the completion of the natural building  was interrupted for logistical reasons, the project is being carried out on a lot of land close-by.

The purpose of this project is to offer hands on experience to young students, ages 5-13, in the practice of sustainable farming, specifically to create a vegetable garden following some of the principles of permaculture.  This project was created by Serena Bonura, who has been active in permaculture, in Sicily, for a while. The workshops will be carried out  from March to June 2012. Serena’s friend, Angela, is working on the project too.

Information on this project is available at the following blog

Yesterday I joined Serena and Angela during the workshop with 3rd and 5th grade students.  I was impressed by the way the children were engaged and took pride in carrying out the tasks at hand.  What a wonderful project!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serena, Rosanna and Angela

Below is a picture of me in the key hole mound of soil;  a variety of vegetables were planted by the children in this key hole.  The key hole shape makes it possible for several people to work on both sides at the same time.  After the mound was formed, the children placed wet cardboard on the soil, planted the vegetables and then covered the surface with straw.

  1. pamela de leon permalink

    Great picture of you on the mound of soil, Rosanna! I think it is very important to teach children to like the soil, veggie growing, etc. Getting back to local food production and sustainability is the key to our future. Bravo!


  2. Pam,

    Thank You! I agree with you!!!


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