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Medical School Graduation Sicilian Style

April 4, 2012

Attending a college graduation is always a joy, but attending the graduation of your special childhood friend’s son is an even greater joy, especially when you have lived abroad for so many years!  Recently, I attended such a graduation from Medical School. The graduate, Gabriele, joined seven other medical students from his course and their graduation ceremony was quite different from any other I had ever seen abroad.  Here. at graduation, the students carry out an oral presentation supported by a power point of the research done for their thesis to a panel of professors, right there in front of their families and friends.  I was quite impressed by the concentration each candidate displayed and their focus on their power points, even though the knew their families and friends were watching.

After the presentation, each candidate sat in front of the panel of professors and answered whichever question any one of the professors asked.  When the professors have ended their questions, the candidates were told they could go and sit in the front row of the auditorium  and wait for all the candidates to go through the process.

After all the presentations were completed by the graduation candidates, the panel of professors adjourned to consult and prepare the final grade.  When they returned to the auditorium for the announcement, they asked the candidates to stand in front of them in a row and wait for their final grade. The final grades were announced publicly to each of  the graduation candidates, right there in front of their families and friends.

Gabriele did an excellent job on his presentation and earned the highest grade.  He plans to continue his studies in the medical field by specializing in Genetics.

Bravo Gabriele!

Gabriele during his power point presentation-

Gabriele hugging his proud MAMMA!


At the reception, Gabriele with me!

  1. Pamela De Leon permalink

    A very lovely photo of you and Gabriele. How exciting to still be a part of your friend’s life!
    Lets talk soon, Rosanna.


  2. It is amazing how when spending time with close childhood friends you interact as if you had never been apart. Talk to you soon.


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