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Ragusa Ibla by Night

April 13, 2012

Ragusa Ibla, in the southern part of Sicily, offers an enchanting atmosphere at night.  It was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693 in the baroque style.

 Upon arriving from the east, one can view the whole town at a distance, below the level of the highway, and it looks like a nativity scene.

Maria, Angela and I upon arrival in Ragusa Ibla.

Maria, Angela and Michele

The balconies look like lace.

A stop to visit the interior of one of the buildings.    

The moon was bright behind the blue dome.

  1. Pamela De Leon permalink

    stunning pictures….so glad you are “on the road”. I feel like I am traveling with you!


  2. Pamela,

    Thank You. I love these baroque towns! Visited another one, Scicli, today,


  3. Pamela De Leon permalink

    Seem like wonderful places to retire to! What do the young people do in these towns? Do they head to Rome or bigger cities? Or stay…
    so, where are we going next?:)


  4. Indeed, these are wonderful places to retire. In an article in a local newspaper last Fall, the area around Ragusa was called Ragusashire, as it seems many English people have fallen in love with this area.

    With regards to the young people of these areas, my impression is that many do move away.

    However, there seems to also be a movement in trying to bring back the value of farming the land and there is a growth in sustainable farming practised also by young people.

    Yesterday I joined a trekking group in visiting a Nature Reserve on the south eastern coast where the Irminio River flows into the Ionian Sea and then we visited the town of Scicli, about 8 miles inland on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Coast, the southern coast of Sicily.

    You will read about these two places next on my blog.


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