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SCICLI, Sicily

April 16, 2012

Scicli is the most southern town in the municipal district of Ragusa.  It is only  eight kilometers from the coast, the Mediterranean Coast.  Scicli is one of the towns which were rebuilt after the 1693 earthquake, thus offering stunning examples of the Baroque style.  The town sprawls on the bottom of the interesecting point of three valleys and the rocky mountains above embrace it and offer breathtaking views.

Last summer, I had reached Scicli from the northern town of Modica and it had appeared lying there on the bottom of the valley.

Yesterday, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I drove to Scicli driving up from the coast with some friends and a trekking group. We walked along the streets of Scicli and enjoyed taking in the architecture of the buildings.  We visited some of the many churches along the way and then climbed up one of the steep hills leading to the highest point from which we could look down at the entire town. Up there stands what remains of the church of San Matteo.

Chiesa Madre Main Church

One of the tiny alleys along the way

Palazzo Beneventano

As one of the group stated, “This is not just baroque – this is super-baroque.”

Walking up to the highest point

The view of Scicli down below

A lady sitting in front of her home crocheting

Town Hall square and cafe’

A private courtyard

Necropolis above the town

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