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Forza D’Agro’

May 14, 2012

Traveling along the eastern side of Sicily, on SS114, just over half way between the cities of Catania and Messina, one can turn inland and drive up to Forza D’agro’.  Forza D’Agro’ is a medieval hamlet perched on the top of a hill at 420 meters altitude.  One drives up to it on winding roads and hairpin curves, which one becomesw accustomed to in Sicily, but the scenic view is breathtaking.  Recently, after a morning of work at the classroom in nature, Angela joined me in exploring the surrounding area and I drove us to Forza D’Agro’.  The hamlet is made up of tiny alleys going up and down its extension and at each turn there is a surprising view to enjoy of the coastline and mountainous surrounding areas.  One highlight was a stop to talk with a local elderly man, who had just locked his vegetable garden right next to his tiny home sitting on a bluff, overlooking the entire coastline.  He admitted he has enojoyed his entire life sitting in front of his modest home and taking in the beauty.

Below are some pictures taken on the trip to Forza D’Agro’.

A stop along the road climbing up to Forza D’Agro’




Ruins of a XIV century castle

“…instead I seek the secret soul of things, and in order to find it, many times, I must look inside their facade consumed by time and unrecognizable.” ALBERTO SAVINIO




Church in Forza d’Agro’





Thank You, Angela, for joining me on this excursion, being a wonderful guide and taking the pictures.

  1. maria plumari permalink

    per i 30 anni di mio figlio Giuseppe siamo stati a cena li’ è bellissimo e cioè l’anno scorso


    • Mariuzza,

      Vi sono panorami incantevoli e non ci si stancherebbe mai di andare…………..


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