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May 14, 2012

Not far from Forza D’Agro’ and perched on another rocky hill is the town of Savoca.  It is a quiet town,  which many residents have left to live on the coast.  As one walks along the streets of this town, the majority of people are tourists.  In talking to the locals, it is indeed confirmed that many locals have moved away. One of the town attractions is the Cappuccini convent where the cript contains about thirty mummies and another is Bar Vitelli.

Hollywood put this little town on the map in the seventies when Francis Ford coppola chose this location for his movie, The Godfather.  In fact, the Bar Vitelli was the setting of scenes of the movie and inside it today one can see many pictures that attest to that.  Interestingly enough, the locals told me that Bar Vitelli was just an abandoned building when Coppola visited Savoca.  He chose to make it into Bar Vitelli to shoot scenes of his movie and today Bar Vitelli is a tourist attraction.  It serves only Granita di Limone (Lemon Ice) and allows tourists to just sit and remember the movie scenes shot there.  One can find all the Italian cafe’s have to offer at the Bar across from it on the square overlooking the gorges below.

Bar Vitelli

Inside Bar Vitelli many pictures from the movie, The Godfather, are displayed.



A tribute to F.F. coppola in the square across from Bar Vitelli

View from the square of one of  the roads to the coast

Driving down to the coast on a very narrow back road, at the bottom of the hills, I was quite surprised when I ran into army tanks, on a routine training.

  1. maria plumari permalink

    che bei posti che abbiamo in sicilia complimenti Rosanna le foto ci sono per intero.


    • Mariuzza,

      Sappi che erano venute tagliate e le ho riinserite con un truchetto! Grazie per averlo notato e per il fatto che mi segui. Mi sento che mi fai compagnia. Stasera ti chiamo. Ciao!


  2. Pamela De Leon permalink

    Italiano…wish I could speak it! But I feel like I am there with you,
    Rosanna. Now I want to see The Godfather again!


    • Dearest Pamela,

      You are with me, always, especially as you are my most faithful follower and have written the largest number of comments to my blog! I love that!

      I spend many hours traveling “solo” and contemplating the beauty around me, but thanks to this blog I know I am not alone.

      I, too, would like to see the movie again. Perhaps we can make it happen this Fall, at my home in Burke, with a good glass of Italian wine!

      I plan to visit Corleone, the town where the Godfather actually came from, hopefully sometime this summer. That should be interesting.

      In a few hours, I’ll be heading to a colder climate, as I am going to England to visit my family there for a couple of weeks.

      A presto…………


      • Pamela De Leon permalink

        You are living the life you deserve and most envy! I am always so happy to read about your travels and learn about all the places you have been to. I am a devoted student of history, new places and cultures, and travel. Enjoy your trip to England. I do hope to see you in the states in the fall…that would be fabulous. A glass of wine and The Godfather…how much better can it get!
        Corleone…is that town in Sicily or on the mainland?
        Always, pamela


      • Corleone is on the western side of Sicily, south of Palermo, the capital of Sicily. That area is truly “Off the Beaten Path”.



  3. Carissima Rosanna, complimenti vivissimi per il tuo bellissimo blog, che dà lustro e gloria alla nostra
    meravigliosa ma troppo bistrattata Regione…L’ho visionato ieri e anche oggi e ti ho fatto un pò di pubblicità presso amici e parenti…
    Se puoi visiona il mio sito ancora complimenti e un bacione. Piero


    • Piero,

      Grazie! Sto per andare a visitare una compagna di scuola che e’ diventata nonna!

      Visionero’ il tuo blog al mio rientro stasera.


  4. Carissima Rosanna, come stai? Da un bel po’ non ci vediamo….che fai di bello? Chiamami se sei qui in Italia! Il mio cell. è 338.7543249. Se puoi visiona il mio ultimo docufilm, ambientato tra Sciacca e la città di New York (Del 1912-21 ) con sottitoli in inglese e dal titolo “IL CASTELLO INCANTATO” DI FRANCESCO MARICCHIOLO (REGISTA). IO SONO SOGGETTISTA E SCENEGGIATORE. UN


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