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Just a Walk through Sunny London

May 25, 2012

To experience London on a hot day is a wonderful gift and today the temperature in London was 25 degrees centigrade!  In addition, the city exuded a different kind of warmth  as it prepares for the  Queen’s Diamond Jubilee just a few days away.  With just a few hours to spare, I took my walk in the city today.  One can take this walk leisurely in just a couple of hours; starting at Waterloo Station, walk by the Eye.  Then  proceed across the Westminster Bridge, go by the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.  A right hand turn onto Parliament St. and Whitehall and soon one reaches Trafalgar Square.  Cross Trafalgar Square and walk up St. Martin’s Lane; next, take a right on NewRow.  At this point one can enjoy a visit to Covent Garden with all of its live activities.  There are usually performers in the square and many shops and restaurants.  After Covent Garden it is an easy walk back to Waterloo Station by walking down Waterloo Bridge.

Big Ben caught by the EYE

A Cadbury’s Flake in Vanilla Cone brings back Childhood Memories

The EYE from another Angle

Big Ben at Noon

Women of WWII Memorial at Whitehall

Guard at Whitehall

A Corner of Trafalgar Square

Those Union Jacks are made of Cup cakes

A performer at Covent Garden

Union Jacks at Covent Garden – The Diamnod Jubilee is just Days Away

Thames as seen from Waterloo Bridge

Big Ben seen through the Trees

A Cloth Tree set up for the Festival of the World which will be Held on South Bank Summer 2012

Final Big Ben caught by the EYE


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  1. Such beautiful pictures, Rosanna! So happy you are visiting your friends and relatives in England. Miss you and love you! Holly


  2. Pamela De Leon permalink

    ditto…we all miss you, Rosanna.


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