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Scenes from England

May 25, 2012

While visiting family in England, daily walks are a must and following are some shots taken during those walks in Addlestone, Surrey.

Quaint cottage almost the size of the car in front of it


Love those wellington flower containers


Lovely yellow roses







Quick stop at a friend’s………..Sue’s Lillies of the Valley and vegetable garden



Finally, picking up Ted at school


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  1. Jacqueline permalink

    Awe I love this! Xx


  2. Pamela De Leon permalink

    Love the picture of London and Surrey….! Thanks for giving us a treat:)


    • Pamela,

      This trip to England has been a treat for me. I am staying with my cousin Francesca and her lovely children and visiting daily my special Aunt, Lella.


  3. Pamela De Leon permalink

    I love London and hope to get back there at some point for an extended visit. I was just reading on the life of Beatrix Potter, and she did the same walk you mentioned on a regular basis! How exciting to know you have taken the same steps of so many in the history of England…gives one the shivers!
    Enjoy your family! I am sure they enjoy your company so much.


  4. Francesca Crowder permalink

    These are gorgeous Rosanna, you are a genius you have made Addlestone look picturesque! 🙂


    • Francesca,

      Addlestone is picturesque just in the fact that YOU are living in it! I LOVE U and the kids!


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