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MALTA Visited on Foot and by Bus and a Quick trip to GOZO Island

July 13, 2012

 I visited two Britsh friends, Kathy and Liz, who are working in Malta this summer.  In just four days I traveled around so much and visited so many places that words cannot do justice to the experience.  However, this post will give an outline of the places visited and perhaps someone can take from it and follow the itinerary one day on their visit to Malta. However, a brief account of Malta’s history is necessary.  Malta is lodged on an underwater ridge which starts in Northern Africa and extends to the island of Sicily.  In a far away past, Malta submerged and is in the Mediterranean Sea between Africa and Sicily.  Traces of the earliest inhabitants on the island go back to 5200 B.C. and they probably arrived from Sicily.  Malta, located in a strategic spot in the Mediterranean, was constantly attached by so many invaders in the course of its rich history.  Here in Malta,, during the Crusades, the Knights of St. John were established to set up outposts along the way to the Holy Land to assist pilgrims travelling in either direction.  In 1565, the great Siege had an enormous impact on the following history of the island.  In the 1800’s, Malta became part of the British Empire.  In 1964, Malta gained its independence.  A visit to Malta shows the interesting combination born from all the cultures that make it up.  The language, Maltese, is influenced 60% by Arab, 20% by Italian and 20% by English.    A visit to Malta is a visit to the rich history of the Mediterranean cultures over thousands of years.

My four day visit to Malta:

Day 1 

Arrive Luqa Airport

Ride bus to Bugibba – visit coastline shops – have tea – Bus to Mdina, The Silent City – Walk around Mdina – Visit Mdina Glass Shop – Back in Bugibba – Watch European Football Match in Bugibba Square

Entry Gate to Mdina

Landscape Area Outside Mdina taken from Mdina

Day 2

Ride Bus to Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal – Ferry to Gozo Island – Bus to Victoria and from there to Marslaforn – Lunch at Masalforn Beach – Waterfront restaurant  – CLIMB a rugged rocky hill to JESUS Statue – Ferry back to Malta – Watch Football in Bugibba Square

The statue of Jesus seen from a distance

Hiking towards th statue

Some had already reached the top

Liz is almost there…………..

The majestic view from the top!

I made it thanks to my fellow hikers!

Day 3

Bus to Valletta – Eat Patstizzi (Reminds me of the Sfogliatella Napoletana which I also found at Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA) – Valletta to Marsoklokk – Visit Fish Market – Walk to St. Peter’s Pool – Enjoy the Sea!!!!

St. Peter’s Pool

Day 4

Visit Valletta – St. Elmo’s Fort – Watch video, The Malta Experience, which offers a 45 minute visual and narrative account of the history of Malta over thousands of years.  Learn about The Knights of Malta – Originally established at the times of the Crusades – Visit The Hospital Created by the Knights -Walk along the Waterfront of Valletta and enjoy the majestic views from St. Gregory’s Bastion!

Valletta – One view from St. Gregory’s Bastion

Thanks to Kathy and Liz for being the BEST Hostesses! But also to the group that supported me on the hike to the Jesus statue!

  1. Pamela De Leon permalink

    Oh, so very very beautiful! I am glad you made it to the top:)


  2. Pamela De Leon permalink

    Rosanna? No posts since July. How are you?


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