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Greek Theatre in Taormina

August 27, 2012

There are several ruins of Greek theaters throughout Sicily, but the most enchanting is certainly the one remaining in Taormina, Sicily.  It stands up at about 500 metres from  sea level, staring at Mt. Etna and its puffing “plume” as the locals call the smoke emerging from the central crater. 

The Greeks built the theatre, the Romans made additions to meet their needs, and today the Sicilians and people from all over the world enjoy its breathtaking views, backdrop and ambience.

As one stands inside this theatre one can see both the mountain and the coastline.  Many visitors come during the day.  And at night, in the summer months,  several performances take place at the theatre, both modern, such as contemporary artists’ concerts, as well as classical performances of many kinds.   

Following are some daytime pictures I took this summer at the Greek Theatre in Taormina.

They will be followed by night-time pictures taken this July by my daughter, Julia, at a concert held by Ben Harper.

The Greek Theatre in Taormina and Mt. Etna in the backdrop

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