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Infiorata Noto 2013

June 2, 2013



The town of Noto, Sicily, in the southeastern part of the island, was rebuilt in an ornate baroque style after the earthquake of 1693.  Each year, Noto comes alive with a colorful flower festival on the third weekend in May, when the town holds the Infiorata.  This year,the XXXIV edition of the Infiorata took place on May 17, 18 and 19.  I returned to Sicily on that weekend so I could immediately drive to Noto to enjoy the Infiorata. The theme for 2013 was a Tribute to Japan.  This year, the mosaic created with petals which is always arranged in Via Nicolaci was the result of a collaboration between Italian and Japanes flower artists. The colorful mosaic  is created  using thousands of petals and extends for a length of 122 meters and a width of four meters.  The mosaic this year included the flower representation of the Four Natural Splendors, Moon, Wind, Bird and Flower.  Then there were a Dame, Kabuki, Sumo wrestler, Samurai, a Japanese lady with parasol entitled, From the rising sun.. .to the burning sun., Madame Butterfly, Japanese Acrobat, Tribute to Utamaro and Hokusai, Empathy- Kyokan , Silk, Perfume of the East, and Bushido’ – The Soul of Japan. 

During the Infiorata, many artistic events take place, including art exhibits, different types of shows and musical programs, which are all carried out both during the day as well as in the evening.

Following are some pictures taken on Sunday, around noon, of the mosaic in Via Nicolaci..The black sections are made of colored salt………..


Profumo d’oriente – Perfume of the East      My favorite – perhaps because it reminds me of AMY

balcone 10


Vento – Wind


vento 3


Shot of Via Nicolaci from the bottom


via nicolaci 2



Luna – Moon


via nicolaci 4







Half way up the street

via nicolaci 7



Looking down from the top of the street

via nicolaci da alto





  1. Francesca Crowder permalink

    Beautiful Rosanna….. thank you I feel like I was there xxx


  2. This is absolutely beautiful! I wish I was there with you…Thanks for the beautiful blog post! Miss you sweet friend!


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