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VESPA – An Italian Icon

June 8, 2013

VESPA – It is an icon of the Italian culture all over the world. Its images adorn coffee shops, barber shops, restaurants and more and those images are woven into the romantic history of Italy. If you haven’t seen the scenes from the movie Roman Holiday in which Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn ride a Vespa through the cobbled streets of Rome you are missing a piece of Vespa’s history.

This morning, while having the air pressure checked on the tires of my car, I witnessed a conversation over a 1971 Vespa that a gentleman had just purchased in its rusty natural state. There was excitement in the air and several men gathered around and I could not help watching, listening and taking a couple of pictures (actually I got help from the owner, Orazio, as I had not taken pictures with my new cell yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

As I love Vespas, I was intrigued by the knowledge and excitement the subject brought about as those men discussed the Vespa and its characteristics in detail.

The conversation over this Vespa was full of technical details and some were trying to figure out the reasons why some of the Vespa parts did not fit the specifications of that 1971 model, Vespa 50 Special.

Below is  the specific Vespa, and it shows a lot of rust, but I actually find that appealing as it shows its natural “weathering.”

Vespa 1

 Vespa 2

Vespa 3

Below is a picture I took of a refurbished Vespa in 2011 at the Milo Motorcycle Rally

vespa milo 2011 

Vespa and Lambretta Posters I photographed at a cafe’ in Modica last year

vespa lambretta signs

Finally, my favorite picture of a Vespa, with my mother, Giovanna, sitting on it back in the early 1950’s!

Mamma Giovanna Aversa on Vespa 1950's

  1. pamela permalink

    I absolutely love the picture of your mother on the Vespa! Una foto maravillosa! Will we see Rosanna buzzing around Sicily soon on a Vespa?


  2. You never know!!!! It may just happen!!!!


  3. Rosanna, I adore the photo of Giovanna! She was such a beautiful, lovely woman. I’m so thankful I got to know her. Thanks so much for sharing this post! Love you…


    • Hello Holly!!! Thanks! I, too, love that picture of Mother. I’m going through old family pictures over here…….My mother was the picture queen!!!!!!!!!She took pictures constantly!!!!!!!!!!
      Love, Rosanna


  4. pamela permalink

    We went strawberry picking yesterday at a farm nearby. Wouldn’t you know that in front of their little store…was parked a VESPA!!!! I was amazed and recognized it right away from your post!


  5. We used to go strawberry picking in Virginia when the kids were young. Such fond memories!!

    So lovely that you ran into a VESPA! Let me know if you ever see another one.



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