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A Visit to Sciacca in the Fall

December 3, 2014

A drive to the Southern Western Coast of Sicily in the Fall reveals true Fall colors as the vineyards offer the spectacular shades ranging from gold to  burgundy.

IMG_5180_2 IMG_5228 IMG_5208


One of the towns I had longed to visit for years is the town of Sciacca and I finally had the opportunity to drive to that town and spend a couple of days visiting it and its surrounding area.

The town of Sciacca is an old SPA town and people visit its Thermal Baths year round.  In the Fall, it is quiet during the week as many of its residents leave for study or work elsewhere on the island, but I was told that on weekends the action returns to the town.

Personally, I visited mid week and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere, walking along its streets and alleys.  The town of Sciacca is also known for its ceramics and ceramic shops line many of its streets.  I spent some time in one of the local ceramic shops as I engaged in an interesting conversation with the ceramist regarding Sicilian ceramics of various towns.

Ceramic Shop


Notice the risers on the steps below adorned with tiles


Conte Luna – Great Bed and Breakfast run by the Montalbano Family


Heading to the Belvedere – overlooking the harbor – from the center of town






IMG_5035 IMG_5037




Quaint alleys





I always enjoy observing the different designs of balconies around Sicily




Beautiful place to visit!!!

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