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Filippo Bentivegna – A Sciacca Resident and His Sculptured Heads in Stone

December 3, 2014

Three kilometers from the town of Sciacca lies Il Castello Incantato,  The Enchanted Castle. This property is now a testimonial to years of work carried out by one of Sciacca’s most intriguing residents, Filippo Bentivegna.  Bentivegna spent years sculpting faces into stones.  Unfortunately, the majority were stolen, but what remains today is on display along a path winding up the property grounds.

Filippo Bentivegna was a local resident of Sciacca who emigrated to the USA.  He had emigrated to the USA as many other young people from Sicily in search of a better life. Among other work he carried out in the USA was his contribution, while living in Chicago, to the construction of the railroad heading West.

Sadly, his experiences in the USA were quite negative, as he was heart-broken, beaten up badly and when he returned to his native Sicily his mind was no longer as it had been before. After his return, he purchased a plot of land and started his patient work.  During the day, he would sculpt faces on stones, at night he would return home and take care of his aging mother.

There are about three thousand stones with sculpted faces on display in the Castello Incantato and I was told that before these were saved thousands more had been stolen.


Posters describing Bentivegna





Some of the sculpted heads at Il Castello Incantato











It may be worth researching more information on this interesting character…………..

  1. Mary permalink

    Rosanna, where do you find theses interesting places …. Enjoyed reading about Filippo. When are you coming back to U S A

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Enrica Arcadipane permalink

    Ciao Rosanna!!!
    So good to hear about you and your interesting, genuine and wonderful travels! Such good places!
    I am so proud of you and my lovely Sicily! And your way of writing.. I love it!
    I can never forget the moments passed together in Sicily!

    You cannot believe it.. I am now in USA, Los Angeles for 3 months! I am doing part of my PhD activity here in Pasadena at the Calthech University! So interesting!! I am studying novel solar cells based on new materials 🙂
    When are you coming to USA? I will be back in Sicily in mid January.
    I will spend Christmas here, with my boyfriend .. half Sicilian and half from LA!! (We met in Catania where he work as researcher in my same group at the University!)
    I want to know so much about you! I’ll send you an email..sorry to write so much in the blog.
    Big big Hugsss!! Ti voglio tanto, tanto, tantissimo bene!!
    Enrica 🙂


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