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Snow on a Sicilian Beach

January 7, 2017

The New Year has begun with lots of snow falling in Sicily.

The towns at high elevations, as on Mt. Etna, have been covered in snow!

One scene not commonly seen in Sicily is snow on the beaches.  Below is a picture taken today by a friend at the beach in front of her home.  This is the beach in Roccalumera, on the Eastern Coast, not far from Taormina.


  1. Lynn Welch permalink

    Snow on the beach! Beautiful.


  2. Lillian Rouly permalink

    My husband and I spent time in Taormina! Beautiful!


  3. Jaso Bahrt permalink

    Hi Rosanna, this is a long shot, but I’m loving king for a Rosanna that did research for a Marianna Rossell for her Corrao family tree in Sciacca. She said that this Rosanna went to the church in Sciacca and did research back to the 1500s



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