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SICILIAN ROOTS – An Interactive Book

January 23, 2017



In this post, I would like to introduce my ibook on Sicily, Sicilian Roots, which has just been published on iTunes.

For a sample of the book or to download the book go to the following link:




  1. Mary Ann Jarvis permalink

    Beautifully written and illustrated. Especially enjoyed the videos incorporated throughout this wonderful trip through Silicy. Thank you Rosanna for giving us the opportunity to see this lovely country through your eyes.


  2. Rosanna, I am so thrilled that your book is published! As I am beginning to read Sicilian Roots, I know that I won’t put it down until I am finished. You truly have a talent of helping us to experience what you are writing about through your words. You have a way of connecting us emotionally. Thank you for enduring, from start to finish, writing this book. Congratulations on your amazing book! I love you sweet friend!


  3. Holly,
    Thank you. I am excited to know you can take this virtual journey with me.


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