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One Day Visit to Favignana- Aegadian Island

September 10, 2019

The Aegadian Islands lie off the Western coast  of Sicily and are comprised of three islands, Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.

As a prolonged stay certainly offers the visitor a chance to explore a location both by foot as well and as motorized vehicle, if one is short on time a quick one day trip from mainland Sicily is possible to at least the closest of the islands, Favignana.

Last year, while visiting Trapani on the Western Coast of Sicily, I took a one day trip to Favignana and enjoyed its natural beauty.

Easily reachable by hydrofoil, one being the Liberty Lines company operating from Trapani, the ride from Trapani to Favignana took approximately thirty minutes.

Upon arrival on the island, one finds many small businesses catering to visitors and providing options in renting different kinds of vehicles even for a short time.  I chose to rent a car for the day and although I was not quite sure it would get me around as it was in poor condition, I was assured help would be only a quick phone call away!

I drove along the Eastern Coast stopping a few times slong the way at beautiful beaches and then decided to head to Cala Rossa, one of the coastlines I had read about while anticipating the trip.  Cala Rossa is reachable from rugged terrain and one must be confident in scrambling down some rugged rocks to reach the Cala below. I parked my rental on the last unpaved road available before heading to Cala Rossa.

Below is my rental car which made it over unpaved roads I traveled in spite of my fears…..img_3732img_3741img_3744img_3735img_3759img_3755

 After walking that rugged terrain in the heat, finding a small “camp” with refreshments was like seeing an oasis! The owner took pride in making a fabulous sandwich with local flavorful ingredients cultivated and prepared by him: tomatoes, anchovies, capers, basil and oregano. For a hungry traveler who had not brought any food along, that was a pleasant encounter!!!

Finally, before heading back to the harbor to drop off the rental car and catch the hydrofoil back to Trapani, I took a short walk through the town center of the island.

The day trip was very pleasant. On a longer stay, one could certainly enjoy exploring many other spectacular coastlines and “cale” and surely the famous buildings. Those are the Old Tuna Processing Plant and the Villa Florio, both located close to the harbor.

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